Has your child ever said that they want to change the world?


What was your response?


Remember when YOU were young and had big dreams to change the world?  What would have happened if you stuck with those dreams?

The young changemakers in this book have demonstrated empathy to identify and relate to a problem, have come up with a creative solution to solve it, and rallied a team of people to work with them collaboratively to enable change. They work for animal rights, for public health, for environmental sustainability, among many more.


These young people have supreme confidence that if they can conceive it – they can do it. They are role models who don’t wait for permission to change their world. 


They are proof that #ChangeStartsYoung. 


We hope that these young, brave, and bold changemakers inspire you. Even more, we hope that their stories impress upon our sons and daughters the power of taking action on your dreams, of leading young, and of being fearless to put in hard work to create change. 


To start a chain reaction of young leaders is the most impactful movement we can create today. We hope that each reader knows age cannot hold them back - that passion, curiosity, and empathy are the biggest tools we all have, at any age.

Young people today are much more in touch with the growing problems around them, be it environment, education, jobs or water shortage. They are also more likely to enact solutions to change the world for the better, and to dedicate their lives to following through on big dreams. 


Children see possible solutions to tough problems every day, but still, think “I will wait until I grow up.”


We want to change this fear into action. We want children to know that they are change agents at any age, that they have the power to start changing the world while they are young. As parents, educators, and mentors we should not only be supporting children’s dreams, but also giving them avenues to make the dreams actionable.  


In the pages of #ChangeStartsYoung we identify teenagers who are doing just this - creating the world they want to see. They are all committed to solving problems that deeply and personally affect them.



#ChangeStartsYoung is a book that will inspire a movement of young people with the potential to change the world.