Garvita and Pooja are Changemakers

India is facing a huge water shortage problem. Can we do something about it?

Garvita and Pooja, aged 17 and 18, noticed the water shortage every day in their neighborhood. So, they came up with an innovative idea to put a tape around the glasses in restaurants to stop water wastage. They believe that many small actions add up to big changes - and they are right! Garvita and Pooja's initiative has saved millions of litres of water so far.


Garvita and Pooja's Story

One day at school, Garvita and Pooja heard a stunning fact…

 “When people go to restaurants, they usually sip a little water but leave most of it behind. That wasted water equals to almost 14 million litres every year!” 

‘What!’ Garvita and Pooja were shocked. They did that too- left half-drunk glasses of water every time they went out. 

Then they calculated- most houses use around 380 litres of water in a day… that’s around 138 thousand litres a year.

So, the wasted water could help at least 100 homes meet their water needs for a year!

Garvita and Pooja knew they had to do something to stop this wastage.

They decided to talk to restaurant owners and ask them not to fill glasses to the brim but allow the customers to do so.

The first few meetings with restaurant owners were filled with curt a “No”. It crushed their spirit. But their environmental education teacher Mrs. KN Poornima always there to encourage them to keep trying.

Finally, Mr Suresh of Napoli Italian Bistro heard them out and said ‘Yes!’ 

But soon they faced another block, because customers would not listen to the restaurant owners unless they understood the problem themselves.

Garvita and Pooja decided to create posters to raise awareness.

They started ‘Why Waste?’ to work towards effective conservation of water. Their efforts were soon noticed by prominent citizens like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and the media. 

Two years and many more tries later, almost 30 restaurants heard them out and many have also changed the way they serve their customers.

All because two girls refused to give up and became the change the wanted to see.
After graduating from high school, Garvita is now pursuing bigger goals and is taking WhyWaste to national and international platforms, building a movement around water conservation.



Garvita and Pooja are examples of the brave and bold changemakers that inspire the next generation.


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