Sciencedeep is a Changemaker

How far would you go to save your friends from a dangerous and extremely harmful addiction? This 13-year-old can’t stop saving the ones he loves…

Sciencedeep's Story

      One day Sciencedeep found his dear friend Samay badly injured.

  Like the other children in Sciencedeep’s village in Punjab, Samay too had become addicted to drugs, which he used to buy from the many shops in the village. To find more money for drugs, Samay had started stealing. While he was stealing iron rods from a trolley, he got crushed under rods and had to be rushed to a hospital.

Sciencedeep, could never forget the pain Samay and his family went through.  He decided he would not stand and watch the people he loved become drug addicts. He would stop them. 

But what could a 13-year-old do? 

He had only his mother for support as his father had died when he was young. 

Sciencedeep didn’t let these fears stop him. 

He started by meeting the shop-owners who sold drugs. They got angry with him for speaking against their business.

Determined, Sciencedeep put up posters around the village about the problems of drugs. He kept on at it despite people’s views and soon the shop-owners started listening to him.

Next, Sciencedeep realised that he needed the family’s to pay attention, because young children easily fall in to the habit of taking drugs. He started visiting them. It was not easy as people didn’t like to believe that anything was wrong with their family. 

But he kept on and found that 26 children had dropped out of school. This was worrying because children who drop-out of schools easily fall prey to drugs. Sciencedeep started working with those kids and helped them get back to school.

Soon others joined in his efforts and they formed a team. They helped reduce the drug addiction in his village from 80% to 45%!

Inspired by him, nearby villages also started spreading the message and helping their children fight the menace of drugs.

Sciencedeep is an example of the brave and bold changemakers that inspire the next generation. His story makes young people think differently about is possible.


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