Chethan is a Changemaker

For hospital patients and road accident victims, blood shortage can lead to death. This 16 year old helped create a solution.


When Chethan experienced a personal loss from a blood shortage, he didn't wait to take action. Now he has saved the lives of 1000's of people across India.



Chethan's Story

Chetan could hardly control his tears. His favourite teacher had died because the blood bank didn’t have any blood for her- they were facing a shortage.

“How could that be possible?”, Chethan thought angrily, “we have so many people in India. If everyone who could donate blood, did it, then there would be no shortage.”

He found that many people lost their life due to lack of blood because of two reasons.

One- people don’t like donating blood to blood banks because they believed false stories. Stories that said, blood donation made people too weak to work or travel or made their body prone to infections.

Two- private blood banks charge very high rates going upto Rs 25000 for a packet of blood.

Chethan, a quiet, shy boy decided it was time to put an end to the shortage of blood and save precious lives. He started Khoon Khas, an NGO to make people understand that, ’red is not the colour of danger. It’s the colour of life.’

The first blood donation camp did not attract many people. Chethan thought hard and came up with the idea of attractive and entertainment filled blood donation camps, with street plays and a music band to attract young donors.

It was a success!

Soon, Khoon Khas became a well-organised network with a 24*7 helpline that helped people get a blood donor within an hour, at actual price!

Today, Khoon Khas is one of the most trusted NGO’s in the blood donation sector in India. They have associated with Facebook and other national and international organizations.

Yet Chethan still faces a problem- people don’t take him seriously as he is still a teenager.

But this shy kid never gives up- he keeps on finding  new ways to make blood available to the needy. Finally, his work convinces one and all.

Chethan is an example of the brave and bold changemaker that inspires the next generation.


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